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The Executioners

A Play in One Act
By Ellen H. Showell

When people kill others in cruel, cold blooded murder,
should we allow them to live?
Is death a punishment?
What good does it do? What bad does it do?

These and other questions are debated and dramatized in the play "The Executioners" by UUADP member Ellen H. Showell. It is especially suitable for death penalty focus groups as a means to get people to think more about what we are doing when we allow, or demand, executions in our name.

The play is suitable for various kinds of presentation - including full theatrical production, dramatic presentation as part of a church service, or dramatic reading. About 35 minutes in length, it calls for a cast of 20 people, although it can be done with fewer.

"This is an exceptional piece of work and should find a strong and warm response from many Unitarian and other church-group audiences, as well as action task force groups opposed to the death penalty in the US. It is very moving...and persuasive. It deserves a broader audience.

Barbara Beach, longtime UU activist and leader, currently Secretary of the Partner Church Council.

Scripts are $7.25 each ($5.00 plus $2.25 shipping)
Please make checks payable to Ellen H. Showell.

For ordering and for permission to produce play, or other information contact:

Ellen H. Showell
1200 N. Cleveland St.
Arlington, VA 22201
Click here to send e-mail to Ellen.

A video of the dramatic presentation of the play at a Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington Sunday service in December, 2000, directed by Vera Tilson and featuring the Rev. Michael McGee and church members, may be ordered. Copies are $18.25(includes shipping).

Write to:

attn: The Executioners Video
4444 Arlington Blvd
Arlington, VA 22204

To order both a copy of the script and the video for $25.50 (includes shipping) contact Ellen H. Showell at the above address.