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Show your support for alternatives to capital punishment by proclaiming the message on your chest and on your bumper.

We offer quality t-shirts, polo shirts, buttons, and bumper stickers.

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Display the UUADP Message and Logo Proudly

The UUADP T-Shirt

UUADP T-Shirt front

"Execute Justice Not People" on the front, UUADP logo on back. Purple on white.
Available in M, L, XL. $15 postpaid!


The UUADP Polo Shirt

Polo shirt

The UUADP logo (without semicircle of words) embroidered on a 100% cotton polo shirt.
Purple shirt with white logo or white shirt with purple logo.
Available in M, L, XL, XXL. $30 postpaid.


Bumper sticker

(not shown)
$1.25 each.
"Execute Justice Not People"